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Night Desk Origins

Hello there folks, thanks for dropping by at the night desk.

I'm aiming to keep these reasonably brief to keep boredom to a minimum.

I guess a good place to start would be to explain the origins behind Night Desk Publications.

Initially, my sole objective was to just write and publish Stories from the Sea-Side City: The Tides of Change Compilation (which you’re welcome to read and purchase by the way ;-)

however, towards the later stages, I decided to pursue the self-publishing route. The more I got into creating the characters, the locations and the story arcs - the more I wanted to add more dimensions to bring them to life. Contrarily to all the advice on the internet I decided to become a one-man company and design the book cover, a website and ultimately my very own publishing brand.

Although I haven’t had any previous experience in designing book covers, websites (or blogging for that matter) I decided just to go for it.

Even though there are undoubtedly thousands of professionals on the internet who are more qualified and capable of creating book covers and websites; I wanted to take full creative control and responsibility for everything involved with the project.

The name Night Desk Publications was attributed to both my nocturnal tendencies and my night shift work.

Night Desk Publications
NDP Logo (which I personally designed too:-)

Next time I’ll address the shadow in the room…

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