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6 Stories...  1 City...  A Multitude of Emotions!

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Please feel free to get to know the fictional world of Rockshore better through this lovingly crafted site. Tap/Click any of the icons or underlined text below to explore different aspects of Rockshore:


The Meet the Characters page introduces you to a catalogue of characters featured in The Tides of Change Compilation, through Open Options - an in-universe social media site. Each of them has their own personal profile page detailing their appearance and a bio personally written from the perspective of each character- showcasing their personality. Some profiles also lead to video links.

Free Short Story!
Learn about the origins of the Sea-Side City and how and why the Sea-Side Saxons assembled.

The Tour Guide page introduces you to the key locations of the city. It does this through the handwritten perspective of Fred Smith, a character who is referenced in and briefly appears in The Tides of Change Compilation. 

Local Articles features reports from the Rockshore Messenger on some of the city's current events. Each of the articles is set closely, to the occurrences of


The Tides of Change Compilation Timeline. The articles are also written by characters featured in the Sea-Side City universe (although one of them has yet to make her published debut).

Map of the City gives a visual look at Rockshore and the different locations referenced in The Sea-Side City Universe.

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Want to know more about the Sea-Side City?

There's always more to see in Rockshore. The Tides of Change Compilation is the first of several books set in the Sea-Side City universe. The series follows and will follow a vast array of unique and diverse characters, through different challenges in their lives.


Each story is set in the same city and several of the storylines are intricately linked. Some characters crossover into other character's stories and others are separate.

But, certain events and incidents will affect the entire city.
Every compilation book in the series will follow a different theme, starting with change.  


About the Sea-Side Cty

All 6 Stories in 1 Book

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Available worldwide on Amazon Books.
E-book compilation £5.99/$7.58 
Paperback copy £12.99/ $15.99 including Free Delivery (UK only)
The stories can also be purchased individually: 99p/$1.99 E-book 
International prices are based on the exchange rate and are potentially subject to change.

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