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Alex Douglas
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Sea-Side City:
Night Coat Origins

Depressed and broken, Alex is haunted by tainted memories of his first love.
The relationship was toxic and eventually, he had to end it.
But the venom still flows through his mind…


Struggling through each day, psychologically imprisoned by guilt and self-blame, Alex lives with his boorish father. 
Having isolated himself from everyone, Alex finds himself conflicted between what his head thought he had to do and what his heart considers his greatest failure.

With his youth and mental wellbeing at stake, the nocturnal criminology student looks to salvage his university course and more importantly, his sanity.
Delve into Alex’s internal journey through the darkness of heartbreak and experience the dangers of feeling you have nothing left to lose...

GENRE: Psychological Drama 

THEMES: Mental Health, Relationships, Recovery

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