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The Messenger

The Messenger has been the Sea-Side City's provider of local news for over a century.

Check back for informative articles about the happenings of the Sea-Side City.

Listed below are the most popular headlines.

 - Ted Leslie

Chief Editor of The Messenger

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Rockshore University Logo & open day information


22nd Feb 2012

University can be a scary and stressful place and student life is an important transitional time for young people. There are lots of new pressures and responsibilities bestowed upon students. If you feel that life at university is taking its toll on you, or you are faced with situations you find it difficult to deal with, never fear. The important thing to remember is you are not alone. The university offers a free counselling services to all of its students. Raymond Adebayo is a seasoned counsellor, who has been a resident of the Sea-Side City for most of his life. He has recently joined the university counselling team. Raymond has contacted The Messenger to encourage any students who are struggling to come and see him. Additionally, he wants anyone who knows of a student who is suffering from the pressures of life to encourage them to come and see him.


- Ted Leslie

South-Town Harbour

South-Town Harbour featured on a map of the
Sea-Side City 

saxon flag.jpg

 The Sea Side Saxon Flag, consists of a birds-eye view of  Penelope Park


11th Jan 2012

Once a prosperous business outlet, South-Town Harbour is now a derelict no man's land. 

After conducting a local survey of 150 people, 94% considered South-Town Harbour the most dangerous area in the Sea-Side City. There has been speculation that the condemned harbour had become home to criminal activity. South-Town Harbour has been cordoned off from public access for around three years. We contacted the local police for comment. Senior officer DCI Peter Kent stated that the area was a "no-go area". He implied this was because public safety was not guaranteed due to the hazardous conditions of the site. However, when asked about criminal activity DCI Kent refused to comment.  

- Hector Diamond 


16th Oct 2011

Just under a decade ago, Penelope Park was the epicentre of anti-social behaviour in the Sea-Side City. Youths would play truant from school and undesirables would congregate, creating an intimidating atmosphere for passers-by.  However, with the arrival of the Sea-Side Saxons a few years prior, Penelope Park has now been transformed into a wholesome, family-friendly attraction for people to enjoy. The Saxons are a group of Anglo-Saxon re-enactment enthusiasts who are passionate about making a positive difference to the community. The Saxons offer youths an alternative way to spend their weekend, educating them in Saxon traditions and entertaining the public with traditional combat bouts.

- Felicity Moon

Rockshore Businesses

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