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Sea-Side City:
Surveying The Territory

Burdened with a brilliant yet restless mind, everyday life often seems unfulfilling for Shelly.

Now that the promising psychology student is back from a much-needed getaway, she yearns for more from life, than spending her days hanging out with her “parlour posse” and her eccentric cunning, cougar friend.

To her surprise, a chance encounter with a young man battling Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and agoraphobic tendencies changes everything...

Suddenly, the perfect opportunity arises for Shelly to put her skills to the test with Connor, a traumatised young man who is just regaining control of his life.

Can her vibrant spontaneity and psychological intellect help him best his fears?

Or will her lust for adventure place them both in mortal danger?

GENRE: Contemporary Psychological Romance

THEMES: University Life, Mental Health, Romance, Adventure

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