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Ian Stallion
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Sea-Side City:
Untold Legend

Between the ropes, Ian Stallion is a high flying phenomenon. 
Confident and charismatic the 6 foot, platinum locked wrestler impresses everyone who attends his shows.
Unfortunately for Ian, the local wrestling promoter (and slime ball) Den, is more interested in promoting muscle men for a quick buck during the school holidays, than running professional wrestling shows. 

Ever since he could remember, Ian has dreamed of making it as a wrestler in L.A.W (Live Action Wrestling). But, despite all Ian Stallion’s potential, his real-world alter ego Ian Stally is on the brink of submitting to the intense physical, mental and logistical pressure of his boyhood dream...

Get a backstage pass into the world of an aspiring independent wrestler!

Tag up with Ian and experience the real world pressures he is grappling with behind the curtain.
Will his dreams come true… or will they become an untold legend?

GENRE: Contemporary Drama 

THEMES: Disability, Friendship, Professional Wrestling, Unemployment

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