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Cliff Tomlinson
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Sea-Side City:
Circle of Life

Henry Thomlinson hibernates in his room, turning night into day and immersing himself in computer games.  Foul-mouthed, overweight and stubborn, Henry has become contentedly disconnected from the world he once knew.  After flunking out of school and years of feeling self-conscious about his weight, Henry has stopped trying.
But, when tragedy strikes, his grief-stricken father, Cliff, makes changing Henry’s life his personal project.

Discover what will happen when this larger than life recluse is forced to get out of his comfort zone…
Join Henry as he ventures back out into the Sea-Side City of Rockshore, facing the practical challenges of finding a job after years of apathy. Enduring an onslaught of reality checks on his seemingly impossible journey to attain paid employment without any qualifications, low self-esteem and a short temper will he be able to convert his stubbornness into determination…
Or will he lose what little he has left trying…

GENRE: Contemporary Drama 

THEMES: Family Drama, Loss, Friendship, Unemployment

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