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Sea-Side City:

Outcast and alone, Max Atkins is trapped in hell.

Squatting in a derelict harbour under the control of a crime lord, he does whatever it takes to get his next fix.

But before he became enslaved to his addiction, Max was a promising young trainee counsellor with a natural ability for empathy. After being knocked unconscious, he awakens to fragmented memories of his childhood and a traumatic experience that he can’t quite process yet.

Unsure of what’s real, the only thing that remains clear to Max is he needs to change his life and regain himself...

But can he survive the journey?

GENRE:  Psychological, Contemporary, Urban Drama 

THEMES:  Drug Addiction, Trauma, Mental Health & Sexuality


Life in the Ruins
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Sea-Side City:
The Tides of Change Compilation

( 6 Stories in 1 Book )

Ginger Taylor yearns for something to change in her mundane working life. Alex Douglas is forced to adapt his life after a soul-destroying breakup and Connor looks to challenge himself while dealing with agoraphobic tendencies...

What do these people have in common?
They and several others all live in The "Sea-Side City" of Rockshore.  
But will any of their lives be the same when a mysterious killer surfaces within the city?

The Tides of Change Compilation features six different genre-bending stories each following unique characters within the same city. 


S.A. Ballantyne Political Liabilities Book Cover.png
S.A. Ballantyne Night Coat Origins Book Cover .png
S.A. Ballantyne Untold Legend Book Cover.png
S.A. Ballantyne Circle of Life Book Cover.png
S.A. Ballantyne Surveying the Territory Book Cover.png
S.A. Ballantyne The Fragile Mask of Porcelain Book Cover.png

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for more info on each story

Tides of Change
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