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Sea-Side City:
The Fragile Mask of Porcelain

Rosie’s mind is full of anxieties.
Usually, she’s anxious about her appearance, workplace politics or whether she will die alone…
But this time dying alone seems preferable...

A crazed and fiendish murderer, known as the Sex Doll Killer is operating within Rockshore, leaving a twisted trail of bodies to be discovered in domestic locations across the city!
It started as a rumour, falling on deaf ears around the city…
But now the truth is out…

Witness the effects of fear on an ensemble of characters across the Sea-Side City of Rockshore
(each featured in different stories from the Tides of Change Compilation)
and follow Rosie, as she embarks on a gripping psychological journey home from work.
Unfortunately for Rosie, home happens to be a dark and empty flat in the roughest neighbourhood in the city.
Is the improbable threat in her head…
or will the depraved murderer, be awaiting her return…

GENRE: Psychological Thriller/ Crime Drama 

THEMES: Horror, Suspense, Mystery, Social Commentary

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