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Ginger Taylor
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Sea-Side City:
Political Liabilities

Ginger Taylor is a 24-year-old woman; she’s worked hard to be independent.
But, sadly, in achieving independence, she finds herself imprisoned in the grind of maintaining it, through a mundane working life. 

One by one her youthful ambitions has faded in the process. 
Each day she walks back from her office job to her flat, with the music blasting through her earphones being her only comfort, enabling her to block out her surroundings.
But… change is coming…

Soon she awakens from her coma of boredom and realises how numbed to her daily routine and subsequent occurrences within her local surroundings. 
Walk alongside Ginger as she experiences a change of pace and perspective when she meets Jack, a mysterious and provocative maverick, who lives a life like no other…

Will he fill the emptiness in her life?
Or will his chaotic lifestyle cost her everything?
Find out as their stories collide…

GENRE: Contemporary Drama 

THEMES: Social Commentary, Relationships, Media Influence

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